Glory of the Night

How you luminate the path before
To leave but shadows on the way behind
Oh, thou glory of the night
Keeper of the stars: O light divine
Whilst you rule all be dark and still
You, O comely form, light of day do kill
Thou join the sun afore it end
And keep long after it be sent
Thine extent be great beyond thy face
For lo-by earth thy beauty placed
All yourself to earth doth lend
This stillness of night be but thy symphony penned
In your place, the sky--O, great expanse
Naught be seen, but thee in dance
At eventime all life doth wait
For from day a space to take
Why wish for sun when thou O moon be here?
Ay, for with vigor I do cry: let only moon come near
My desire only for moon and I
Cast all other body out of sky
Thee, the night o'er me do keep
'Till sun doth gain
And thou, O blessed ghostly comfort
Courteously refrain

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