Glowing Aura

Glowing Aura

Even though you made me feel low.
My persona & image radiants & glows.
Until after today,
Come what may.
You wish with you I would've stayed.
Are you certain?
No way!
I wasn't molded from clay.
I am straight not gay
What did you say?
Oh, well....okay!
Not the truth I can tell.
Nice try.
I threw a penny down a wishing well.
Are these cookies stale?
Did I get any mail?
My search for romance came to a halt.
You just enjoy misery, pain, & assault.
My broken heart was all your fault.
You say you fell from grace.
You tell me to carry my pepper spray mace.
Just in case anyone tries to get in my face.
Your lies can not be erased.
You never call to touch base.
Waiting for you was such a waste.
Do you like dress & my car?
I have good taste.
I wished for them on a star.
My Heart & Soul was bared.
But you never cared
Tempers flared.
Cheaters were paired.
Broken hearts snared.
I am credible & your incredible.
I don't consider meat edible.
A treasure to appraise & measure.
A rare pleasure, don't say never.
Is forever something you could swallow?
A heart you should follow.
I get the picture, I am not part of the mixture.
I know the things that are & the things that were.
It is over of that I am sure.
For being single there is no cure.
Thoughts of mine are pure.
It was suppose to be just us two. So few know what I knew. Graves is where death rots. .

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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