glowing city

She’s like a glowing city affected by her own tsunami; powerful, sending strong waves to those around her, but destructive if her forces become too strong. She doesn’t want to be that way, but as a tsunami has no choice, neither does she. She wants everyone around her to understand, but she doesn’t want her flaws to weaken her. Instead of letting it out, she lets it carry the storm. And as the questions keep building, her storm get stronger, until it finally reaches it the shore. “Why can’t they just understand?” she cries. The world isn’t fair and no one will truly understand the feelings that have been built up inside… but there must be a way to protect the city from its own demise.
She tore down the wall that originally surrounded the city, which was weak, in need of repairs, and desperate for care. She looked out into the ocean that surrounded it and took in the beauty that it held. Her city was so marvelous but the old wall was so hideous she never wanted to look past it to see what was beyond. After she examined her city and realized its true beauty, she rebuilt the wall to protect her from the dangers that the same beautiful ocean she so admired, held within.
She rebuilt the wall with concrete instead of wood; and 20 feet tall instead of 10, so that when the tsunami hit it, it would crash only into the wall, leaving the city she holds unharmed. The crashes sent fear at first… she wondered if her new wall could protect her, but soon the waves faded back slowly into the calm ocean.
With her own strength, she recreated the wall that could save her. And she realized from then on that even though she can’t always prevent the storm from coming, she knows that when it comes she will be brave.
The sea was now to her so beautiful; a reflection of what she overcame. She could look out into the ocean beyond the wall and not be afraid, and soon the tsunamis would come less often. Within time she realized that it is her own fear of them that caused them to come. The people of the city rejoiced at her bravery and the city glowed brighter than ever.
And in that moment, she knew she could no longer be broken.

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