August 20, 2011 at 1:14am

So a heart is in pieces,and we're missing the glue
Along with the trust ,bestowed upon you
If you weren't gonna fight,than why start a war
Swiftly switching sides,to attack the very core

You've been gone quite some time
There's no going back
It hurts more and more ,and this is a fact

Not a moment goes by, that life fails to remind
That he's all alone, without you by his side
As he once was before,and will be again
Misunderstood, only you kept him sane
You've been gone for so long
There's no going back
It burns more and more,like flesh to hot ash
Why open a book without seeing it through?
An analogy to explain what she did to you,
Sadly the book wasn't placed back on the shelf,
It curled up then died,to find its own living hell
You've been gone an eternity
Can you find your way back
memories get blurry and find their way to the trash.
Selfish it was,and self-centered it be,
A family is broken,due to malnourished needs
But when you quit failing, it means you quit trying
So while your boat is sailing,you're slowly dying
Where are you going?
its taking forever
To get the gears going,just pull the lever
The machine isn't broken,it just needs some care
It can't be that bad,When you started back there
heard that your heart was left empty, and bitter
bring back the damn glue,and please reconsider.

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