Go Ahead, Make Me!

Whatever it took, whatever it takes,
Shake me, bake me, roll me in flakes.
Pound me with passion, gift me with sin.
Bring me back to my longest lost kin.

Beat me, bloody me, work out the kinks,
Massage me, do me, don't care what I thinks!
Love me tomorrow, have me today,
Watch over me as I go crazy and play.

Take me on this long wild ride,
Skin me, fin me, tear off my hide.
Let me feel all of this life,
Cut me with your sharpest knife.

You've taken away so much of the fear,
Tear out the rest, fine gut me clear.
Hold my sons in the palm of your hand--
No promises, I understand.

Your blessing, free will to work my plan,
The greatest gift given, to any one man.
Help me use it for love,
Help me do what I can.

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