Go away Alice, I’m going insane

By Niel   

I know what you mean,
When you're looking around me,
And when you can't find the,
One thing that's out of this time.

I know what you're looking for,
I know what you mean,
It's sitting right here and
Waiting for you to hide

Un-der-neath you'll find
The bur-ning book I stole
From the shelf

I will not confess,
And you will not know,
I kept the book,
And now it does show,


I didn't see that the,
One time receding,
Clouds will come back again
Woun-deadly bleeding.

I didn't foretell,
Snow in the backyard,
And the rains that will follow,
How I must I now repel.

You know, you can, see it still,
Sitting, there, in front of you, it
Makes no sound, it makes me mad,
And makes me what it was.

The smoke,
Of the burning book.
I cannot see.

I, cannot see
The clouds,
The rains bleeding
Deers and hounds

Legs, rushingly flee.
And I see you go,
I see you see,
I know what you mean,
When you look around me.

The smokes are
Darker than the clouds,
The rain a bit less
Bitter than the stars

On the cover, the book.

Alice is gone,
And I can see you care.
I wish I could do that,
But Alice is gone.

Alice is gone,
And I can see you care,
I wish I could do that,
But I'm not insane,

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This Poems Story

Of the many millions of stories that deal with fantasy not many are as strikingly strange as "Alice in Wonderland". The book has had an even larger effect on how I, as a person and as a writer, have grown. This poem is from the perspective of a madman. Who doesn't agree with the world for what they are. And who blames for their quandary the book which mimicked their life. The poem follows the story of how they rid themselves of the book that is so precious to the people around them. And in doing so, how they realised more about themselves.