Go Away

I'm not fit to be a mother,
My newborn baby needs to go.
I'd rather give him to another,
So I can keep snorting this blow.

Maybe I'll leave him on a doorstep,
Or forget him at a local store.
I don't care if I get a bad rep,
I'm already known as a whore.

Looking down at him, I see baggage,
He will only get in my way.
I refuse to push a baby carriage,
And listen to him scream all day.

I can't afford this baby, to feed,
Because his father is such a sleaze.
And my addiction to smoking weed,
Causes me to pay by on my knees.

So how do I get rid of this child?
I don't want him in my life.
My single lifestyle is way too wild,
He needs a husband and a wife.

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This Poems Story

At age twenty-four, as a combat war veteran for the US Army, I have seen many horrific things. Nothing compares, however, to the problem of abandoned children in the world today. This epidemic was my inspiration for this poem. This will be my second published poem, and my goal is to express through words, the importance of a young, innocent life.