Go for the Moon

How many cups of Sugar does it take to get to the Moon?
How many cups of Forgetting does it take to get rid of the past?
How many times do I have to tell myself it’s better to learn than to give up?

Doing it right this time around means recognizing all the mistakes.
Living it up means going to the bottom of the Ocean just to get pearls.
Being your awesome self means not being so uptight.

We proved ourselves when we let go of the pressures of the moments.
Fate came along and divinity became perpetual.
The scene was beautiful and the thinking was upscale.

But we had to look out for the Spirit Sniper in the matter.
When we were held down by the darkness, we knew these guys were the perpetrators.
But our Goodness was skilled while their Evil was un-crafted.

We tried really hard not to put all of our worries under the microscope.
Embrace the light with the dark was what are souls proposed.
Then you’d have an adventurous life fighting away the Underworld.

Look at all the seconds like you already have the future made.
Live in the here and now like you’re a group of scientists about to discover new planets.
Go ahead and get along with it; don’t be stuck saying “until.”

Give yourself more credit and remember those darkest months.
You got yourself a story because hardships are our preludes.
Now get out into the World & make your isolation useful.

You have the potential to turn evil into good & change this World so much.
The Shooting Star fueling your beating heart tells me you’ll make this progression.
Try to learn & don’t give up then I can promise you the journey won’t go un-liked.

The naturally grown good stuff that eases your pain and heals your wounds will no longer be only metaphorical
I promise there’s always living water in life when your soul is feeling parched.
So get ready to dance in the rain and leave behind your umbrella.

Go for the Moon because that’s your mission.
Don’t let the past get you stuck in a paradigm.
Trust me, you have the good in the strength of your heart now let it unleashed.

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