if you believe in god you wont be wrong,
he will never let you be weak if you stay strong..
he will keep you from being weak,
as long as your higher power you will seek..
he is the one who does the great,
regaurdless of what you think of your fate..
he will guide you through your darkest hour,
because he has the highest power..
he makes you reap what you sow,
no matter what or how far you go..
he will bring you to his kingdom on earth,
because you're the one he has made from your birth..
he lets the devil be in defeat,
as long as you choose to not be in deciete..
he has power of any religion,
its all up to you because its your decision..
you can be free from sin,
as long as you see the devil defeated with a grin..
on that face you keep that smile,
you can go any distance or any mile..
just let the lord guide you into your purpose in life,
because you have to go through all your strife..
yes he loves you regaurdless of what you do,
but dont let that overcome the love that is true..
dont give in too temptation,
regaurdless of your reputation..
yes we all need friends to cope,
but god is always watching you through his telescope..
so don't be sad when in times of doubt,
because god will not let you down or go without..

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