I cry everyday, I got a lot on my mind and so much to say, words can't even explain how i feel, my heart is torn i just want it to heal, I'm broken inside and out, I just wanna scream yell or even shout, nobody understand the life i live, not even the faith respect or loyalty i give, I am not the type to compete, everybody that knows me know that i am sweet, But the pain i feel makes my heart skip a beat, I just don't understand, I'm the nicest person anyone can meet, People can say what they want, but when it's my time to shine o believe me im gonna stunt, most of the time i don't even want to be around, and if it ever comes to it i will stand my ground, yes im beautiful and a hottie, but i wasn't bought in this world to impress nobody, I can be annoying like a bug, sometimes i just really need a hug, yes i get a little scared, I don't run or hide, because nobody puts fear in my heart except "GOD"

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