He’s a funny guy, let me tell you why,
With an elementary rhyme, it’s just in time,
Like all He does….

He has a plan, it’s always right,
Sometimes you’re in the dark, but He is the light….
He will give you what you need.

Ever notice how life’s troubling questions,
Are sometimes answered with God’s blessings,
Always with perfect timing, His divine time,
It dances with life’s rhythm and rhyme….the mystery of it all.
Are your eyes open? Can you see Him? Do you have hope, in Him?

If you give it to Him (whatever “it” is), you get it back,
Lay your fears aside, trust that He is the Divine Guide.
He’s God.

Trust in Him, with all you’ve got,
He will multiply what matters, sometimes provide what’s sought….
Whatever He provides, you can rest assured, its part of His Divine plan.

Seek answers and light….. wisdom from the Cosmic Guide,
He wants you to come, to seek the Light, to seek His plan for you, to provide….
To provide what you need, just in time,
If you seek Him out, life can be sublime,
But you have to want, really want,
And then give to Him what he wants most, and that’s your contrite Heart…

Your Heart’s your essence, it’s your Holy presence, and He wants it all.
He’ll give it back transformed, full of life and love,
Alive, burning with the Father above,
To carry with you through the darkest of dark,
A light, His light, inside your heart,
Live your life in glory to God.

When you see His hand in the life you lead,
Share it, light the path of another in need.
Become Him for another,
your wife, or sister or brother…

Live your life with your eyes wide open, happy, and alive and full of hope.
Thank you to the Lord of Hosts,
Thanks for little ole me.
Thanks for this life I lead,
Thanks for my family and friends, and when this life ends….
Thank You for my salvation, thank you that with all Creation,
We may worship You forever.

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