God be Glorified

God can heal a broken heart; even the unspoken part
Because God sees far beyond what we percieve
God sees into the depths of eternity
His eyes behold the evil and the good and yet he suffered for you and I his hands nailed to the wood
Do we deserve a better life? No; but the Lord is not willing that we perish
He wants us to reign with him and live forever
We'll soon be rid of the stain of sin and meet our Father
The omnipotent King who is worthy of all praise
So why do we give him less than our whole heart?
Why do we hold back like we've got a cold start?
He knows our frame and he sees our fragility
He covers our shame and he frees us from captivity
He hears our prayers and commands deliverance
He bears our cares and stands up for our defence
Strong and mighty tower is he
There's no one greater than the Almighty
He is invincible and none can stay his hand
Can you hear the roaring of the angel band?
And of the saints with singing and instruments
It is louder than the threatening of Satan's malevolence
So gird yourselves with battle array
The enemy doesn't have permission to stay
The blood of the Lamb is enough to command that the darkness flee
I'm sick of the serpent that slithers like he's something
The pride of the wicked shall be no more
As the Lord finishes his work and closes the door
So let us all be ready to enter in; cleansed and pure from sin
By the grace and the blood and the spirit of Christ
As the Lord comes likes a thief for the jewels in a heist
All will be well, brethren
For the Lord knows every possibility
Just trust in his will; and let him turn the key

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