God Gave Me You

Drowning in a moment of pain and sorrow..
Never thinking I would see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Holding on to the last inch of my rope, just wanting to give up.
God gave me you.
Feeling I would never feel whole or at peace...
Empty inside, no reason to push forward.. No inner strength left
God Gave me you
God gave me you to hold my hand and pull me through.
God gave me you to be the other half of my soul.
God gave me you to be the driving force,
to help me find my strength again.
God gave me you so I will never be alone again.
I am so tankful that God gave me you, My rock,
My strength, My very breath.
My Angel of mercy to watch over and protect me.
How lucky I am to have faith once again, since God gave me you

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