God has given us

In the beginning
Coach and let there be light
Then you gave us today
And the night
For six days you worked
On the 70 he rest
God looked around
And knew he giving us his best
He gave us a world
Just so we can be free
The only thing he asked of us
Is please do not eat of this tree
But along came a serpent
And with him came sin
He told a lie to the woman
That's when all our troubles begin
There's so much more to the story
If you'll just take a look
For it is found and written down
Inform of a book
This book is the Bible
And the Bible is life
If you read of our father
You'll know he is right
Read about Jesus God's only sun
Read about the people. He fed and all the work that he has done as you read you will fine sometimes it's hard to put down you can read it out loud and sometimes without ever making a sound read about Jesus and how he was sent to help teach us and show us how to pray now from the beginning you will learn and feel the presents of God with each and every page u turn

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