God Has used me

In the day I was born not of this world
but reborn in Christ. My life was awaken
to gifts already stir up and those dormant.
Dreams and vision already came to pass.
My age made no difference at five God used me.
So primed by these gifts, active in me like
yeast rising. Speaking things I saw in my
mind which were real and saved my grandpa's
life. Ignorant to my true and holy seal. They
name me gypsy, but with no crystal ball I'd
reveal. Time passes I am stirred to walk alone
and travel far from home. Gifted beyond measure
not just in my spirit man, the gifts were mingled
all in my hands. God has used me to teach quilting
and other crafts to those who high minded people
were not reaching. To walk in places where hatred,
envy and strife was everyday life. Women
scratching at each other, no reason except within
themselves they hated themselves. The Lord god
has used me. That they could find a peace so divine.
That they could have a flow a direction of mind.
That they could finally reflect on their own
thoughts without hearing another sound. God has
used me. So that they could hear themselves finally
and move in their spirits to higher ground.

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