if there was a way to relive days past
i wonder how far i would go
i feel silly wondering
but it would be interesting to know
the possibilities are endless
so many landmarks in a life
as many forgotten as those recalled
would it be wrong to avoid the strife
the stuff of painful lessons
I doubt anyone wants to redo
for example would I want to see the day
I was ruined by noticing you
at that moment all senses left me
but you\\\'ve heard this story before
how i gave you my heart my everything
having no clue what was in store
would I give up the magic
of the time
i finally got to touch you
knowing that i looked into your eyes
and inhaled every breath that you drew
sadly that fleeting moment was the only i would behold
I would never have believed
if you told me
that the end was already fortold
would I skip over the pain
of being a thousand miles apart
thinking nothing could break us
this love being forged in the heart
would i miss one chance to tell you
ive known nothing that compares
to the feelings you inspired in me
that answered all of my prayers
would i give up the chance to know
the depths i was capable of
and feeling like i had been blessed
with a gift sent from high above
there are so many elements to my time on earth
id love to behold once more
but id never give up my time loving you
if given the chance to restore

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My beautiful love is gone i wanna go back in time but it was almost all bad