God Is Now In A Form Of A Device

The world is changing and I can't keep up.

Technologies are 21st-century gods.
Words zap through other's devices,
Voices chatter and laugh through a box,
Faces in a screen converse with the outsider,
The key to every answer within seconds.

How bizarre things have gotten.
Have you seen something so dead act so alive?

However, the same cannot be said for the human race.

They fantasize only thinking about first place.
Type a lot but don't communicate face-to-face.
Everyone's acting tough to hide their true mistakes.
Putting the inside-outside making a display case.
Feigning their features; see them as a disgrace.
Making money off of likes now it's a marketplace.
Don't believe me?
Then why do we buy and cater to its needs every day?
With those haunting words, I rest my case.

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