God is Writing My Love Story

Hair messed all around
I walked down the street
I didn't even know
Who i was destined to meet.

A striking young lad
With long brown-ish hair
Baggy jeans and a sweatshirt
And shoes of a pair.

He looked up and down
The street so it seemed
As if looking for someone,
Looking for me.

Then he raised his brow
On that handsome-ish face
And he turned my way
As I quickened my pace.

I could feel my heart,
Beating fast in my chest,
My legs felt weak,
My palms started to sweat.

I remember that day
More vividly now,
Cause that was the day
My life turned upside-down.

Now forty years later,
As we sit on the couch,
I see our hands joined:
I know what love's about.

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