God Summoned Me To Heaven

By Melmond   

God plucked me up from off the Earth,
One night inside a dream -
A floating isle, perched high above,
Blue skies and clouds of cream.

Abounding beauty, fresh flora sweet,
Springs bubbling into baths,
Each sense delighted, this paradise;
Ivy cliffs 'n alabaster paths.

The angel caretaker of this space,
(His name he told me not),
Described to me my purpose there,
And the reason I was brought:

"For God has heard your endless prayer,
And granted you this chance,
To choose yourself a divergent pass,
And change your circumstance."

"These arches here, are portals back,
Each to differences of aim,
This first one here, you'll reappear,
The place from whence you came."

He described to me the second one,
And no further thought I'd need,
I sprinted through, while still he spoke -
No warning would I heed.

For you see what he said awaited me,
If the second I stepped through,
My prayer's plea may come to be -
A chance to be with you.

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