God Versus Man

Anything you can do, I can
I am strong with all of my might
I do things great and right
I have thousands of people following me
Anything I say, they believe
You clearly don't understand
I have strength, and I am the Almighty
I created all things, including thee
You have abused your power, proclaiming My name
It is not you they are following; it is My Son you shame
I am a preacher, or should I say Bishop? Not just a man
I stand in the pulpit as people wait to hear me speak
Those fools bring me money, week after week
I recite a scripture and take it out of context
Like God said:ask and I shall receive, so bring me your paychecks
"I am all that I am"says that "I am" is my brand
I flung the moon and stars in the sky, I am the way
My voice controls the earth; it makes the winds and waves obey
I separated night from day
Your vain glory is all you will receive-a hefty price to pay
All I did was take Your Word and run
Like Irving Berlin composed, anything You can do
I can do better; I can do anything better than You
No you can't, Yes I can
I'm not just a preacher, I'm the man

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