God Vs Devil

Look into these eyes can u see the devil
Eating me up alive
He's gotten inside of me
I can feel him all up around floating inside  you see
He trying hard to take me under
I can feel him pulling me up from over my shoulder
He slowly whispering in my ear calling me
To come here
As I slowly start to fall I can
Feel the lord calling me from up above
He's telling me melody your better then that
Your a strong fighter heres your shield fight back
You got a lot of wisdom your a child of mine go ahead use to fight against him
So as I step close to him I go down on
Both knees and begin to pray to god
To give me the strength to fight the devil out of me and not let him take me down under with him
He said you've been through these battles before I haven't lost once and I'm not gonna lose you this time for sure
You got a kind heart and a lot of love you see
Your very compassionate in the things you do for me
See everybodys got a purpose in life
And your purpose is to write and share bout the gospel life
I ve been through a lot of trails and tribulation and i always come out stronger cause i walk along with him the lord and i never leave him
Im always caring him by my side
Even though I was once last for awhile in life but that never made me forget bout him that because im his child and he died for mine and everybodys sin

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