Goddess in Blue Jeans

When the masters painted a goddess
She wore flowing togas in scenes
How the times they have changed
For the goddess I know
Is often seen wearing blue jeans
She wears a peasant shirt
Her left shoulder she leaves bare
Where on her smooth white skin the tattoo of a peacock perches there
This radiant bird does represent
Freedom from oppression and a new birth
An impression of her true self-worth
She teaches and inspires me
Opens my eyes so that I can truly see
The wisdom of revealing my true self
That which for so long lay hidden on a shelf
Like the goddess of old
Her beauty is rare
With eyes kind and knowing
Sensual lips so alluring
And a body so appealing I can't help but to stare
Although never lovers
Except in my dreams
I am satisfied being
A trusted friend to the goddess in blue jeans

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