Goddess-like is the
acknowledgement of the female power
the ferociousness of our step
the presence of the next
we are not the fragile flowers

Bloom we are the stem
that keeps everything standing
we are the rich soil that
provides the nutrients needed to
be the greatest women of time

Time is of the essence and we are
the art so intricate so beautiful
so time consuming but yet we make
it work to be a beautiful masterpiece
we make up and help for what others lack

We are the women we are the instruments
we are the music to people's ears
through all the darkness we are the light
if you have not heard we are strong
mentally and we master that with hard work

Recognize the female power the independent
power that we need no one but ourselves and
God we are the future leaders of today's
tomorrow if you are still skeptical let me
speak once again on our behalf
we are goddess-like

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