Gods Among the Vacuum

Having been unleashed, these omnipresent guides of the sky
Lead us through our lives.
These guides, maybe unexplored through sight,
But through mind, they are full of wonder
Being able to fly and move free.
These creatures of the heavens fill us with inspiration.
As we look up our souls try and try to grasp their eternal beauty.
We, just like all living things,
Draw life and energy from these dwarves and giants.
They stand solitary,
Having no one within reach,
Their closest neighbor is light years away.
They give us light,
And with that the ability to see, be it day or night.
They hold our stories, and the stories of our ancestors
With illustrations painted by the gods.
We will land among them no matter the path we take,
Be it through fame or infamy.
Our fathers and mothers have honored and feared these balls of flame,
As gods, and beasts.
Theses twinkling diamonds,
Have caught us both in wonder and disbelief.
These shining spots,
Are seen in the eyes of every child and lover.
Since we love the stars so,
We wish to reach out and touch them,
But, no matter how far we stretch they are all just out of reach.

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