God’s Freedom

By Roots   

It hurt me and I cry how black slaves died, they were beating, buried and hung alive. Our ancestors scattered worldwide, families ripped apart and children had to become adults.
We where one's free, we had our own country, taking us across the globe to work in the field picking cotton until we died, cooking, cleaning working for no pay, slavery was over identity.
we didn't have the chance to make our own history.
If the truth is what you seek, slavery had an impact on the negativity that you hate. If DNA can be passed on so can generational traits. We didn't choose the life we lived back then but we dealt with it and became better men and women.
Racism start and we want it to end, let them see why God set us free and show them we're not dirt beneath their feet.
It's time we become educated and stop chasing quick Fame, kill the stereotype black man trait.
Racist eye's teaching children wrong from right but your hypocritical eyes shows you black and white, bullying a race for being different.
Honor the flag and the falling soldiers that pass away.
Then you plead that black people need to forget their history. The past is what make us stronger, so don't deny us what you already took, let us enjoy the culture that you tainted with the blood of our ancestors.
Rosa parks sit so we could stand to fight like young black men and women, fighting doesn't start with a right hook it starts by picking up a book.
God wanted us to be free so he gave a black man a dream.

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