God’s Gift

On an early morning ride God's beautiful life I did see...so glad to be me.

Stoic deer in a field so fair, cool brisk air rushing through my hair...

Morning sunlight pushing its way through the sky...brighter and brighter as each moment passes by.

Chin lifted, eyes wide, lungs full of fresh air...Breath it in! Take it in! Live life as a dare!

Fast and ferocious this life it can be, or gentle and soothing...whichever, we'll see...

My music so soft...caressing and caring. A sight soon to be seen, something my God will be sharing.

Around the corner and up the hill...the sight, what a sight, has my heart standing still.

So beautiful, so breathtaking...the vision so clear. The sun, it is rising, full warmth drawing near!

I stop...slowly stopping...a full stop now I rest. I stand and I stare feeling blessed, truly blessed.

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