God’s Little Angels

I've been on my own since I was 17.
Fighting the world all alone it seemed,
Seeking a peace that I thought would fulfill my life.
I stood tall for those who couldn't stand alone
While seeking a place I could call my own
Never realizing there was somebody by my side.
But God's little angels were guiding every step I made
Keeping me strong through those troubled times
While taking my fear away
God's little angels helped me to learn from my mistakes
To carry on, to hold on strong, to every second of every day.
It's been 10 years since I sat alone
Watching the towers cascading down
Crying in anger for the lost that engulfed our lives
So many lost, but so many saved
Surrounded by darkness each step of the way
Unable to see the angels by their sides
God's little angels were guiding every step they made,
He said, "Take my hand, I'll show you the way,
go on ahead I have to stay."
God's little angels touched our hearts in such a way.
Made us carry on, and hold on strong to every moment of every day.

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This Poems Story

I have been writing since I was ten. I have more than three hundred poems, seventy-five songs, TV scripts and novelettes. My dreams of being a writer are still with me but I just haven't gotten a foot through a door. I placed in the top fifty for a television screenplay I wrote for "Rosanne." This particular poem/song was inspired by our great loss on 9/11, I wish you could hear the entire work. I plan to send it to Engine 54, Ladder 4 Battalion 9 in New York. Some see it as sad but I see it as inspirational.