Gods Living Process

If you could hear my thoughts and percieve my pain,
then you could feel my blood run through my veins,
and see me speak wisdom words on every part of my verse,
then you could see my tears upon my shirt,
then you could understand why I was born on this Earth,
and ask God why everything was still going worse?
I see that a young man spit real on the verse,
and tell you God got me I don't care what you heard,
and I'm gone fly with the birds get rid of this curse,
and let the people know how were suppose to live on Earth,
by the man up top and thats his word.
His words are so important like kids playing with toys
and girls bonding with boys and crowds making the noise
and people getting so poised and making a good choce in they life,
God is in our mind like pieces of puzzles in a box,
like a mouse inside a clock the Alpha will never stop.
I've been going back in situatons,
I thank God because he's so amazing,
I lift my hands and prasie him,
He's the future in the making,
Never scared of Hell nor Satan,
I'm covered by the blood of Jesus
and I thank him for His Living Process.

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