God’s Love Embrace Of Mercy and Grace

Springs of gratitude awake I rise, to sweet aromas of all promises embraced, the light of day my heart full of praise, to the place I go of God’s… mercy and grace.

Reminded my heart to my knees first start, quite away to His throne I pray, with songs of praise and humbling of the heart, that I may be filled with His… mercy and grace.

At His feet I surrender my crown, the renewal of mind beloved I’m found, a brand new day my King’s embrace, favored and blessed, I pray I shine of God’s… mercy and grace.

Every step my mindset aware, in Jesus my Lord my peace embraced, God’s vessel of light my joy I share, piercing the darkness with a simple smile of joy, what honor to shine His… mercy and grace.

All Glory to One who is three-in-one, by His blood my sins forgave, in Jesus the risen Christ my soul eternally saved, a grateful heart my God’s power restrained, to finish the work of God’s… mercy and grace.

Death entered the world through one man’s sin embraced, salvation has come from God’s only sinless son, Jesus sacrifice of unjust shame and disgrace, all to give us His… mercy and grace.

The price of sin was paid in full, now all can come accept Jesus as Lord, from death and Hell my soul is saved, Amen to salvation’s gift of God’s… mercy and grace.

Overflowing with peace and joy, a child of God favored and blessed, always beyond with none deserved, I sing of His goodness and endless love endured, to shine the light of His… mercy and grace.

In the visible I pray to shine this day, a victorious abundant life filled with love and joy, hallelujah I praise with gratitude’s proclaim, it’s all because of God’s love embrace of… mercy and grace.

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Key Words : Jesus, Love, embrace, grace, mercy, God, shine, radiate, peace, joy, abundance, victory, blessing, overflowing

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A victorious life of abundance, overflowing with peace and joy. Embraced with God’s unconditional eternal love, unending grace and mercy. Life can be a breeze when all hope and trust is placed on the One who is three in one. To which, I’m compelled to share and shine His eternal goodness and faithfulness to no end.