Oh! Saviour of the nation
Unseen as the foundation
Don't you have any recognition?
As the exaggerated politician

Borne to awake the heralding cock?
Keeping your gun always cock
Salute your superiors as if you're slave
No, I know, you do it b'cause of nation's love

None admires you as you give-up desires
But you keep up your parents' aspires
People ignore you, worship many Gods
But you worship them, guarding as dogs

It's great, you anticipate no rewards
Money-voting people pay no regards
Rocks, thorns, rain, and snow are your bed
Your mother gave birth for bloodshed

Flood, Tsunami, Volcano, curfew, and Terrorism
All await eagerly for your service with optimism
How do you keep your spirits so high!
While people think service to others', shy and sigh!

Statues're unveiled for barren wealthy leaders
Ridiculous to see none for war bleeders
Unworthily elected, becomes supreme commander
War field commander never wins, is wonder!

Don't you ever feel as an orphan?
Yes, soldiers' corpses lie in battle, unknown
For poets it may be an imagination
When'll they feel as sons of nation?

Devotees would guard without fear
If all Gods are there in the border
For a few, with out war, soldiers're waste
If war is sudden, are they ready to taste?

Women may adore his service to be noble
Her chaste would bear a worthy label
If every youth thinks, our nation is great!
By giving up bribe, and racism, none can beat!

Oh! My mother country!
Oh! My noble soldiers!
I, on behalf of my ignoble people, surrender me!
Please, give us the sense, and strength to be, Noble like you!

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Soldiers are the soul of a country