Gods of Babylon

Eternal and undying, stars fall and fade into infinity

Longevity and serenity is the essence of creativity

Walk in the garden of Eden to see the truth of humanity

Created by a false prophecy

Gods of old and demons of time, kingdoms of lore and heroes that fall

The devils hide behind the third eye of lies, the all seeing eye that’s in the sky

The forbidden knowledge of mankind that brought forth the end of times

The Gods look upon with shame as they struck down man in their holy name

I see the sun that sets in the east and rise in the west, empires grow with no rest

Symbols of power that rises and fall, the eye sees all that know where to go

Born into a world of distress, question things that don't make sense

Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, a sinners prayer will not come

Cross the bridge of Shangri-la to enter the fool’s paradise to disconnect with reality and to focus on your sanity to learn that you must accept yourself to form a bond and create harmony

I close my eyes and I see lifetimes, I see dreams of the dead and hope of the living, I see my own faults that keeps me from giving

I see the gates of Babylon opening to show me….. that I’m still learning…

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This Poems Story

A poem I wrote a while back and something I feel the need to share purely to see how people perceive what I mean through this work, I tried to dive deep in this writing and I was happy with the results in the end.