Gods Plan or Square One

God will always test our loyalty, but it’s how we deal with obstacles that determine the outcome. Staying positive during hard times is a full time job and some people can’t handle it. Lashing out at others or beating ourselves up, only takes us back to square one. Every time you face a challenge, ask yourself how can I prevent this from repeating? The answer is inside of us, trust me I found it in me too. Once we find out why we keep failing God’s test, is when we start to understand the “why me.” Lets control what we can and let go of what’s out of our control. Praying is always great, but is that all your doing? If so, prayer isn’t enough. God isn’t going to save us every time, if we can’t change ourselves. Everyday I face people or obstacles that try to test me and I laugh because I am way to strong minded to allow evil to win. The day I stopped planning my every move, was the day it all changed.
Stop trying to be the author of God’s book. Instead look within and train your mind to fix whatever is happening without playing a blame game. If its out of our control, let God handle it. Let God do the dirty work, because once we go there is when we go back to square one.

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