God’s sense of humor

I can’t think fun moments when thinking about God,
I just think creating bombastic words to impress him when I pray
And as a person who stutters it’s so difficult when I pronounce them in prayer
Which is annoying and then I picture God rolling eyes at my failure and I just laugh

I think of God as an artist, all artists have a niche and a signature in their work.
Not that one you sign with your pen but then that thing that lets you know which artist has painted a certain picture, meaning although an artist paints many things , somehow they have a similarity
And then I look in the mirror and I think Dolphin, why?
I think Frog, oh my GOD. What?
That means if you look at me and look at a frog, you’ll come to conclusions that we are created by one artist, wow.
What about a worm? A snail? A fish and a baboon?
Wait a minute, what is God trying to say?
This means if an artist expert were to observe me, I am wormish, frogish and baboonish looking?

What about rocks? Got a rock face?
I mean cats and dogs are cute, but is a human resembling them cute? I wonder.
I giggle at myself thinking about these, and ask/ is this God’s sense of humor?

The fact that He created men on the sixth day after having created beasts of the earth on the same day?
He thought about beasts then from there thought about us. LOL.
In my foolish laughter He reminded me that men were created in his image
I am as beautiful as God is.

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