God’s Treasure

You see two mountains towering straight and tall
Out of the first comes smoke the second nothing at all
These represent trials you will face
Trials greater than that of the human race
The treasure you seek lies deep within
Many have searched including Cortez and his kin
But no one can find what Israel lost
You try my brother but at what cost?
One mountain is white, a symbol of hope
The other has fire upon its slope
The treasure you seek is under these stones
The first breathing with fire, the other, all alone
Nations have tried, Aztec kings, failed to win
They have searched for riches through thick and thin
They have sailed the seas, explored the deep
But found not a coin for them to keep
They wish for earthly success, for world wonders
Can nothing else please these treasure hunters?
They think they will be happy living in sin
I know what they don't, God's treasure comes from him

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