God’s Vendetta

What is our purpose in life
Do we have fates and destiny
All these meaningless questions
Just to end up left in a confusing spot
God has a calling for every one
But do we listen
Do we hear the wind whistling in the night
Do we hear the butterfly fluttering its wings in the day
His’s voice passes but we never noticed
Instead, we look for “ signs and wonders”
He has a purpose for us
For the mother, brother, father, sister, daughters, and sons
But are we ready for his calling
Are we brave enough
Are we stable enough
Are we peaceful
Are we patience
And can we preserve on the road he sends us on
Though we are insufficient
He still chooses us
He molds us with love and patience
Though we are late in blooming
He waiting patiently for life to teaches us skills
So we can endure this harsh life
But can our heart withstand it?
In trial and tribulation, he holds an umbrella in the everlasting rain
He provides shelter when we are abandoned by everyone else
He provides love when we are unloved
He makes us see the beauty in life when we have lost hope
He makes us feel happy even when we have lost everything else
He turns our pain and fear to songs and prayers to glorify him
He makes us see light in the darkness
God’s vendetta
No one can understand it
But it still amazes us when we see the result
We see the mountain rise from seas
We see the dead come back to life
We see the worthless have a purpose
We see the murders turn to disciples of God
We see the hurt become the helper
We see the betrayed regain trust

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