God's winepress

Jesus taught the truth in trust and love,
and gave us wisdom from high above.
The universal language they say is music,
the heavenly spirit is guiding me to use it.
Use it to teach the true value of a bond,
so more sons of men may fish the pond,
to catch the spirit of mercy and giving,
and pressing them hard to join the living.
Living starts when we begin to care,
creation begins when we become aware.
Now that we know the secret of creation,
we may do whats needed to heal this nation.
Just teach the simple truth in love and trust,
and travel by our faith to heaven or bust.
Now I am married to my truth, and by my faith i live,
nothing can you take now, that I wouldn't just give.

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This Poems Story

One of a few written in the county jail. Like most of my verse it is inspired by my father who we all know could only be alive in his own kingdom. I renamed the Haskell county jail while I was there. I called it Haskell county heaven where I was locked down in cell C7. That may make a country song someday.