Going Back

What if we could go back?
Go back to the past?
People say home is in your head
But I’m not comfortable there anymore

What if we needed death to bloom?
What if we needed death to get a better perspective?
Everyone had to grab a story to plead
Well mine felt like death and loss at galore

Rock bottom was at the front while life slipped out the backdoor
It was like Satan hit my generation purposefully
Destruction was told go ahead
We were all there stuck in death’s parlor

So who screams for life to come back?
Who lives everyday with the death’s lost opportunity?
The one who decides death needs to be feed
Telling life to set up the mortar

The loss of everything will be bombarded
Life and I will have started a mutiny
To death and rock bottom we’ll fire our shells
The battle will go on until there is a loser

I surrender the awful two will beckon
Life and I will claim a fair victory
Death and rock bottom will become our new friends
A cooperative effort to rebuild will be chosen

A new look at time will be besieged
A tired battle will help persuade getting away from staying a victim
So here I go on this road again
But this time it will be different because it’ll be my own creation

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