Going Through Something

Closed doors, angered voice, the peace is gone.
Dark room, a sneaking cat, independence evades her.
Dim lights an uncertain, scared owl observes it all, no peace at all.
Who feels the most, the cat, the owl or the broken woman
who only dreams of being a dove.
Perhaps all she wants is to fly away,
to let responsibilities grow up and fend for themselves.
Is the owl selfish for always wanting her dove in her better company?
Maybe the cat is scared.
Maybe she prefers to be blind to the ways of the world.
Is anybody to blame?
The stress that is starting to turn the world gray.
Stress suffocates the owl and the cat remains the same.
Can the wolf be blamed?
Will the dove fly with her wolf?
The same wolf who wants her and the security of isolation.
Pain in his past, but can he see their future?
What's in any of our futures?
Will everything be balanced in the end?
Because each day the owl finds it harder to breathe.

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