Going to Hell and Back (And Back Again)

Let's go back in time, to a single choice, that won't be corrected no matter how many times we live.
Our own personal hell, in which we would prefer over heaven on earth.
A mistake we'd repeat over and over just to give,
A single moment that wasn't determined at birth.

The choice I made determined my friends and family.
The life I chose gave me my pain.
Without those choices, life is nothing but calamity;
Because not even they know what this choice contains.

The choice of pain gave me a burden that was felt through many,
And to them, I say "I'm sorry for my mistake."
My friends have felt the pain of twenty;
While I slither away like the sin of the Snake

Even if this all forgiven,
I'm sorry for the pain that has been given.

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This Poems Story

This poem is meant to serve as an apology for a choice I made. A choice I regret, but won't change no matter how many times I get to re-live that scene.