Going under

You stick your toe’s in the water it’s so cold,

your friend’s say jump in you said you would.

So you stand up but hear them come running, so you grab a pole and hold.

You feel a shove and expect to hit the water but there you stood

with your feet on the dock, so you then let go of the pole.

Suddenly you only see blue, getting darker the farther you sink down.

You can’t breathe so you try and swim to the surface but lose control.

Your freaking out and bam out of nowhere a clown!

Your hallucinating, no way there’s really a clown in the pond,

you get scared and you black out.

You wake up and you're out of the water and you just yawned.

I’m tired you say as you hear people shout.

As you walk home you get scared it’s getting dark,

You heard a noise it’s just a dog bark.

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