Gold and Silver

I awoke in an unknown world, anew,
A silver lion, as I once drew,
In the deep jungle in a place from a dream,
I still would not belong, or so it would seem,

A silver weeping lion, though one couldn't see my tears,
My soft shining fur hid them with my fears,
Strong of face, and body and mind,
But still, in this place, there was a truth I couldn't find,

A silver spot among the golden ones,
The perfect daughters, immaculate sons,
And here I stood, a shining grey soul,
But without understanding, difference took ever more of a toll,

But then I saw a change in me,
A beautiful silver abnormality,
It was lovely to be, though I knew they'd never see,
My worth was just as much as theirs,
No matter the colours of my hairs,

Silver and perfect, I knew that was me,
I no longer need them to understand,
I, am a silver, weeping, beautiful spot,
In a world of gold that can never see
the truest value of being, simply, me.

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