You allow the value of your heart to spill.
The golden liquor shining in grace and love,
Yet your functions of the mind were shunned, surreal.
Gears of your head, fumed and churned.
Rotating and refusing to give in and burn.
Through out the years, the greed of men clawed at gold
And your honor and light diminishing in our family hold.

I watched you weep in silence
To see you hide behind thoughts and whispers.
Days passed and the clock ticks
My eyes were captured by the small glow of your tears
Now happy tears as sparks began flying

Souring, roaming, and cheering from your alpha heart.
Smiles has grown beautiful flowers.
Your curiosity has save the cat.
And once again, your heart spills the brilliant gold.
Wiser and fuller.
My brother and his golden heart.

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My brother and his life with autism