Golden Girl

When I'm gone I hope you come
To celebrate a life gone wrong
A girl who loved but was never loved
The gift in life that is abundant but rare
The right to pursue and the right to dare
To dream of fulfillment and chase it with passion
Come celebrate her life
Her laughter her song, the one she never sang
The one that is gone
From the beginning she had power
They knew she was strong, a leader, an alpha
With no one around her
One of a kind, and mysterious like magic
She could influence them all, the courageous in masses
She had it made she had it all, they pondered her fall
They tried to wreck her but she conquered
They cheated but she prospered
They cut her down, they set her up
She rolled the dice, she took the punch
They let her down, she got back up
They took the dice, so she threw the punch
Her bright, warm and beautiful smile turned cold one day
Her light grew dim so no one stayed
Her weakness from pain was undesirable
She could not be "the one"--she's mortal, intolerable!
They left the girl they thought had power, left her blue and cold
Come celebrate the life that glittered like gold

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