"Golden Skies"


The sunlight ripples through the golden skies,
prism colors of red, yellow, purple and green
spreads reflections in the water and streams.
This brings me back to a vacation of memories
when I walked along the beach of Atlantic ocean.
at night I watched the lighthouse out in the sea
I think of how it out-shines a light for thee.
how the eagles spread their wings to fly free.
swoop down in the water to catch their prey.
When morning came at the break of dawn,
I think of how ships sail to the land unknown.
love watching seagulls in the distance shore.
like the stars at night is a mystery to explore
Inspiring as colors of art brushed on a canvas.
nature is the miracle of God's masterpiece
crimson beauty of what this earth looks like
so you must know heaven is a glorious sight.

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