Golden Time

They say that time can heal all pain,
can keep even the worst ones sane,
and in a sense, they are not wrong,
time sings to all a mending song.

But time can hurt the best of love,
can tear down gods and skies above,
and through the clouds of freedom burst,
it turns the best into the worst.

Time ignores our mad emotion,
never stops, just treads in motion,
makes us forget the love we hold,
we lose our heart in cruel mold.

If nothing's timeless, nothing stays,
than we may well just part our ways,
and why create, and why destroy,
when time just plays us like a toy?

There is a way to defeat time,
out of the rhythm, and the rhyme,
don't hear, don't see, don't live the clock,
don't let time get you in its lock.

For time can be a friend of mine,
we coexist on nature's line,
I'll love, I'll hate, I'll do my best,
to put my golden time to rest.

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