Golden Tongue

The price you pay for the life you live can be taken all in a day

The karmatic response for give is to get so watch what you think, do and say

Everybody yearns for solid truth, the production is far and few in between

Some produce nothing but solid, and can't see why it's so hard to keep your side of the street clean

Integrity to me is everything, especially all alone

Instead of searching for the right one to come along, focus on being the right one embrace and protect your family and home

Always love yourself first, if not then how can you love another?

In my eyes you don't have to share any blood to be considered a sister or brother

If you have to grow up with no love, then how do you learn to love another?

We are beautiful creatures of habit, but don't ever put your faith on another

I bet your expectations will come raining down each piece a different mysterious shriek and shutter

If the price you're paying is more then profit and you continue on

Let's just say you've lost control and are now addictions pawn

Another piece to the game, another teardrop in the rain, another painful heartbreak to make the one that fell insane

Emotions on cloud 14 higher then the last, no hopes of a beautiful future if you live by the rules of your past

Another day another dollar exposed vanity right blow ego smash, hold onto the good and righteous in life, and throw the rest in the fire at last

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