Golden Yellow Tulips

Sounding chorus of tulips rise louder in their stands,
Svelte chariots of green of the meadow ignore their cries,
Distinctly in their yellow graces, they captivate without struggle,
The unfolding green petals profoundly radiant in style.

I observed these tulips bud, simple canonical tapping end of a kiss,
Trapping dew in their midst, as they gather gregariously,
The colorful bells open up, romantic and energized,
Supple green petals retaining, evanescent rain.

Now the Sun is up, draining rain from overlapped tulip curves,
Down the hollow twisted stalk a short way to its bulbous roots,
Bulbous, fibrous with colorless strikes, reaching for nutrients,
Staggered across the loose loamy patch of ground.

Much as I admire these golden yellow tulips,
In brightness, they don't compare to you.

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