By Brown11   

I sit alone in the darkness my heart lays harden as I morn, tears filled with sorrow I feel torn.

pondering the question of how our freedom can be tested, and is the innocence destined to be scorned ?

How dose the method of hatered settle an unrighteous score with no remorse,

Bring these animals to justice, we say it must stop now but how, let's let our anger boil over like the burning water in a kettle and justify our rage as fate, wouldn't that be great.

Though that's not how we operate, and somehow we submit when humbleness walks in and asks us to corporate

And so i ask of you How could this of happen, how can it be true, why did ones color challenge your point of view.

What gives you the right, to say what you like, and take what you want, like a thief in the night.

These wonderful souls who caused you no strife, who ought to be living, now there gone with out life.

Though you carried out an action with twisted satisfaction of a final destination of the spirt sought out to be forsaken

But know this the lives that were taken, bonds us as a Nation and reminds us of how love prevails with guidance and patience.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem when I heard of the shootings that occurred this last weekend, this poem is to illustrate the understanding of the pain of those who lost due to the callous act of evil.