If I die,
would you lie,
awake in bed,
thinking bout,
how you would,
never see me again.
Would you care?
Is it fair?
For me to leave
without a good fare.
The time you forget,
the game with
that big bet.
Or that time
you went in debt.
If all could be easy,
Everything would be so cheesy.
But thy heart,
that beats.
Beats the day,
and falls in pain.
Nothing we win.
Nothing we gain.
Lost we be.
Lost with thee.
Alone your body,
our hearts
still live in somebody.
Yet my body's frost,
within the ground.
Came at a cost,
that made you bound.
Alone you are,
until we join bodies.
And our heart.
In an antibody.
Yet you cannot see.
The world without me.
The time you'd mourn,
was when they sworn,
that we could never be.
But our hearts were stitched.
To make a line of love.
For you and me.
To put our souls to rest.
And our love
to the test.
For now you sing,
a depressing song.
With me missing.
With me Gone.

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