Her voice is quivering as she tells the news
Her brain is blank about to fuse
When people ask her what's wrong why the blues
And if you got nothing to live for what's the use
It'll just be a line of horror,
where you have no clue, of what's going on,
the sadness will take the best of you
You don't know how it is to have somebody to lose
You're the sick child who can't find a cure to your eternal flu
Your apart of the empty ship that has no crew
The only person left alive is you but you can get through

It's like your trapped in a cage
And you're feeling anger and rage
You can't think or turn the page
They say that fear is only a stage
It's not that easy, it's like a wrath
When you don't have your other......half
There are thorns in the way and that's your path
It's not like one, two, or three just do the math
You wouldn't really understand the pain as it starts to unfold,
because your other half is gone, and you haven't got a hand to hold
You've lost the one who has cried for you,smiled for you;
they're no longer here
You try to go on but all you sense is the fear
that crawls into your heart
That shakes your mind and tears the world apart
You know that you have to keep going, because this is only the start

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